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Why You Should Consider Buying Pinecrest Real Estate as a Family Investment

The Village of Pinecrest in Miami, FL is among the most desirable areas to live in South Florida. This medium-size village is inhabited by 20,000 residents and is located at a 20 minutes’ drive south of Downtown Miami. Residents of Pinecrest enjoy a high quality of life in a unique hometown rural atmosphere but also benefit from the amenities of the Greater Miami.

Why choose to live in Pinecrest, FL?

Pinecrest is a community that combines all the criteria that can make a city a nice place to live:

A charming village: Pinecrest is a pleasure for the eyes, with its huge mansions, its lush and well-kept yards, and its tree-lined street. The community is particularly vigilant on the aspect of the city. Lately, the roads have been entirely repaved.

A family-friendly community: discover the 5 reasons making Pinecrest the ultimate family-friendly neighborhood of Miami , thanks to many parks and gardens, to A-rated schools and a real safety.

An educated and cosmopolitan population: Pinecrest is a community that values education. More than 95% of Pinecrest adults have obtained a high school degree, and 64% of them also graduated from College. And this is huge compared to a national average of 21%. And Pinecrest residents are an extremely ethnically-diverse village. This is an open-minded community with a great dynamic.

All the amenities you could need: Pinecrest is full of nice shopping destinations, such as the Falls or the famous Dadeland Mall.

Giving all of this, it is not so surprising that Pinecrest was recognized in 2011 as one of the best qualities of life in Florida by the South Florida Business Journal.

What do you need to know about Pinecrest real estate?

Pinecrest is a village of large, single-family homes sited on vast acre lots. The market is made of almost 6,000 housing units, with a huge majority of homes. The variety of homes is important, from the classic Mediterranean villa to the modernist and minimalist architecture gem. Most of the homes were constructed between 1940 and 1969, a third of them between 1970 and 2000 and 10% between 2000 and now.

Pinecrest properties usually are from three to seven bedrooms, but it is to be noticed that there is a higher proportion of four, five or more bedrooms homes in Pinecrest than in 98% of the communities in all America! Each of these homes features expansive interiors, impeccably maintained yards and all the expected features, such as expansive kitchens or deluxe bathrooms or garages. A good part of them also has pools.

The median value of the houses is $1,200,000, but around 70% of the homes cost more than $680,000. It makes Pinecrest homes prices among the most expensive in Florida but also ranks among the most expensive in all America!

If the exclusive Pinecrest neighborhood is not exclusive enough for you, you could choose one of the gated residential communities, offering even more safety and privacy. Some of them are Pinecrest Pointe, Killian Park, the Elysium or Stonehaven East.

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