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Pinecrest is the Most Family-Friendly Neighborhood in Miami, FL

Miami’s Pinecrest neighborhood is the perfect place to grow a family. It combines all the criteria allowing a city to obtain the « family-friendly » status. Indeed, the crime rate is low, the large lots allow vast homes, the community has many kids-friendly parks and garden and 1-rate schools, public or private. Miami Luxury Properties team exposes today all the reasons that make it the perfect neighborhood if you want to move out with your family.

Pinecrest features large properties

When you live with a child and especially if you live with multiple children, then you know why having some space is important! Pinecrest is a village with large acre lots and welcoming huge single-family homes that could be named mansions. A third of Pinecrest houses are 4 bedrooms, but there is a large scale of choices, from 2 to 7 bedrooms. You and your family will never trip over each other anymore. And what a relief!

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Pinecrest is a Calm Neighborhood

Pinecrest is one of the most tranquil neighborhoods in the Greater Miami. Mostly, it is because all the area is occupied by vast and beautiful houses and because this is a wealthy community with police services that have the necessary staff. It resulted in low crime rate in the area. According to Neighborhood Scout, the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Pinecrest is 1 in 1,216, while it is 1 in 217 in all Florida. This is why you should be confident to let your children gather with the others on the street to play together, or to go from one place to another by themselves, of course in a reasonable limit.

Village of Pinecrest best neighborhood in Miami, FL

Living outdoors in Pinecrest, FL

When we think of the perfect weather of Florida (at least most of the year), we always believe that it will encourage us to spend more time outdoors. But the truth is that it is difficult to enjoy this weather when you live in an urban area such as Miami. But when you live in a village as Pinecrest, it becomes as simple as hello. The occasions to spend time outdoors are numerous and irresistible. First, the gardens of the city are perfectly maintained and vast, allowing the children to play in the garden in a lush environment. And when you get tired of your own backyard, you can visit one of the many parks in the city. Between the now famous Pinecrest Garden, the Evelyn Greer Parks, Coral Pine Park or Flagler Grove Park, the choice is yours! And the icing on the cake: most of the parks includes children playgrounds. For example, Pinecrest Gardens include a water playground for the kids to have fun during sunny Sunday, but also a petting zoo!

Pinecrest homes are close to best parks in Miami, FL

Excellent schools in Pinecrest

But more important than the fun they can have at Pinecrest, great schools always are essential in the choice of a neighborhood. And there are some in Pinecrest! There are 5 public school and 7 private schools. To discover them, please discover our articles about Pinecrest schools (link to the article).

Pinecrest is a great location in Miami

Pinecrest benefits from a perfect location. When you are not really into the nightclubs and endless entertainments of Miami, Pinecrest is definitely the better place to choose. This neighborhood is south of the Magic City, in a very green setting allowing to enjoy nature and peacefulness. But at the same time, it is near all that Miami has to offer, including jobs. A lot of Pinecrest residents use the subway to get to and from work into other cities.

So why are you still hesitating? Pick up your phone and give us a call to discover all the opportunities offered in Pinecrest!

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