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aerial village of Pinecrest neighborhood view

3 Jaw-Dropping Homes for Sale in Pinecrest, Florida with Guest Houses

If Pinecrest, FL is on your list of potential new places to live, you’ll need to get used to plenty of visitors. Pincrest is a gorgeous neighborhood with a luxurious feel, and of course great weather, so it’s an ideal vacation spot. It’s hard to justify living in such a gorgeous area with so much to offer, and not have a space to host your guests, so making extra space becomes a priority for many residents of Pinecrest! A guest bedroom or two is nice, but what’s a step-up from that? A guest house. Actually, guest houses are a great addition to any home for a number of reasons. First, it’s a huge convenience to have an entire space for guests to stay when they’re visiting. Also, when children grow up, staying in the guest house is a transition to living on their own that some families enjoy. So what does Pinecrest have to offer for guest houses? This article is going to be featuring 3 of the most jaw-dropping homes for sale in Pinecrest available.

1. 5900 Moss Ranch Road, Pinecrest, FL 33156 – Homes for Sale in Pinecrest

Homes for sale in Pinecrest Florida w Guest House
The first home on the list is this amazing 7 bedroom/ 8 bedroom Premier Pinecrest home. The guest home on this property is referred to as a “guest suite” with a private entrance. Designed by Ramon Pacheco, and decorated by Luis Bustamante, this home will satisfy even the most expensive taste. And it will definitely live up to your guests’ standards, too!

2. 10600 SW 61 Ave., Pinecrest, FL 33156 – Homes for Sale in Pinecrest

Pinecrest Home for sale with Guest Home
This beautifully furnished, new construction home is gorgeous, and the guest house doesn’t disappoint either. With 6 beds/ 7 baths, and a VIP suite, there is plenty of space in this home to grow into. Some of the highlights include a state of the art, designer European kitchen including Sub Zero appliances, a stunning swimming pool, and smart-home technology. Tell your friends not to book that hotel, there’s plenty of space for everyone here!

3. 6101 SW 106th St., Pinecrest, FL 33156 – Homes for Sale in Pinecrest

home with guest house for sale in pinecrest miamiAnd last but not least, Helms Country Manor rounds out this list. Starting with 7 beds/ 8 baths, and ending with a beautiful swimming pool, this home doesn’t leave much to be desired. This property is on 1+ acre lot, and is soon to be completed. This exclusive, sought after home has everything you and your guests are looking for, so it’s worth the second glance.

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