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Pinecrest Houses for Sale are Among the Most Desirable in All South Florida

November 21, 2017

Pinecrest houses for sale are among the most desirable in all South Florida. Today, Miami Luxury Properties team explains the reason of such an enthusiasm.

What type of houses for sale can you find in Pinecrest?

Pinecrest is a village of around 6,000 housing units, which more than 70% are single-family homes! And what homes!

Pinecrest houses for sale sits on vast acre lots. Indeed, in the 1950’s, the first development had the goal of giving a rural atmosphere to Pinecrest. This is why you can now admire huge yards between every house, with lush vegetation.

So, most of the houses were constructed in the 1950’s in a ranch-style, really spacious and typically Floridian. But almost 40% of the homes were constructed after 1970, with more modern architectures. So now the variety of Pinecrest houses for sale allows you to find the one that was made for you!

Notice that you can find houses from 2 to 7 bedrooms, but the proportion of four bedrooms or more is higher in Pinecrest than in 98% of all American communities! This means that if you are looking for a four bedrooms or more in the Greater Miami, your best chances to find some are in Pinecrest!

The median value of the houses is $1,200,000, but around 70% of the homes cost more than $680,000. It makes Pinecrest homes prices among the most expensive in Florida but also ranks among the most expensive in all America!

What do you need to know about Pinecrest community before buying a home?

If Pinecrest houses for sale are so “recherché, it is also because of the high-quality of life provided by this neighborhood. Indeed, the city attach great importance to the maintenance of the city. The tree-lined streets are clean and safe and lately, all the roads have been repaved.

Moreover, there are a lot of gardens and parks, including the 10 acres Pinecrest Gardens with its butterflies’ exhibitions and its petting zoo. It really is pleasant to spend so much time outdoors, especially for children. And this is a safe place where you comfortably can let your children play. Indeed, the violent crime rate is way lower than the South Floridian median.

Pinecrest also offers its residents a sense of community. The village is at a human size and there is a lot of events organized by the city or by associations, where Pinecrest residents can meet. It is to be noticed that the 95% of the population has a high school degree and that this population is very cosmopolitan, with numerous ethnics represented. This is a really open-minded and educated community, valuing education for their own children. And indeed, there is seven private schools and 5 public schools in the area, and some of them are among the best in Florida.

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