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Important Things to Consider When Looking at Pinecrest Condos for Sale

November 24, 2017
pinecrest condos for sale

Pinecrest is a village known for its vast single-family homes. However, around 20% of the housing units are condos. And Pinecrest condos provide as many advantages to its residents than homeowners: access to parks, to A-ranked schools, to local restaurants and shops, to a safe and beautiful city. But most of all, it gives its residents access to an open-minded, family-friendly and educated community.

The advantages of downsizing from a house to a condo in Pinecrest

Not living in a single-family home means not being in charge of all the maintenance, and that is a relief! Say bye to gardening and hello to a perfectly maintained garden 365 days a year! You can concentrate on the interior of the condo and forget about every problem related to property management, living this pleasure to the management of your building.

Moreover, a condo means more amenities than a house. Indeed, condos in Pinecrest are mostly luxurious buildings, and have all the amenities you can expect from such condominiums, such as pools, garages, gyms, and sometimes concierge service and even valet or spas. The only way to have such conveniences is to live in a condo, not a home!

Enjoying Pinecrest many advantages

Living in a condo in Pinecrest means that you do not have your very own private backyard, but with the numerous gardens and parks of Pinecrest, you have no excuse for staying at your place during a sunny weekend. Pinecrest Gardens, Coral Pine Park, the Evelyn Greer Parks or Flagler Grove Park, the choice is yours to spend outdoorsy time.

Besides gardens and parks, there is a lot to do in Pinecrest, between fine dining destinations, charming cafes, luxury boutiques or shopping malls (the famous Dadeland Mall is not far), but also farmer markets or horticulture courses.

Moreover, Pinecrest is a real community. Indeed, with only 20,000 residents, Pinecrest feels like a rural small town where you know your neighbors. When you decide to buy or rent in one of Pinecrest condos, you sign for way more than just a flat, you enter in a family-friendly and open-minded community. Residents are 95% to have obtained a high-school degree, and 64% to have obtained a college degree. That make Pinecrest population a lot more educated than any other community in Florida. If you want to discuss books, art or business with your neighbors, just go ask them, there are chances they know a lot about it!

If you have children, Pinecrest condos seem like the perfect choice: Pinecrest is a very safe city (a really low crime rate compared to others South Florida communities), there is a lot of activities for kids (like a petting zoo or parks), but there also is some top-ranked schools.

As you can see, Pinecrest condos provide as many benefits as Pinecrest homes, and even more! If you are convinced that you need one, you just have to contact us to discover all the opportunities!


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