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Cutler Bay Estates Pinecrest

Cutler Bay Estates Pinecrest

Cutler Bay Estates is one of the largest communities in Pinecrest, comprising of over 90 homes across the lot. Beginning right off Old Cutler Road and 134th Street. This area is desirable for several reasons, the first being how ideal it is for a family. Not only because of the size of the community as well as the individual homes, but because of the proximity to top schools. Speaking of space, homes in Cutler Bay Estates range from 3-6 bedrooms, and 2,000-6,000 square feet. What is universally enticing about Cutler Bay Estates, however, is the fresh, inviting atmosphere, and luxurious lifestyle it offers. Worrying about security is not an issue in Cutler Bay Estates, as residents also enjoy top security features.

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