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Coral Gables

The planned community of Coral Gables is known as “The City Beautiful,” a location that blends color and Mediterranean architecture to create a community of elegance and sophistication. This district was created to be an international city which houses over 20 government offices and hosts a variety of multinational corporations. In 1925, it was thought that Coral Gables would become the gateway to Latin America, and since its establishment, Coral Gables maintains relationships with six sister cities.


Coral Gables was created with two ideas in mind: the “city beautiful” movement and inspiration from Mediterranean architecture. The city beautiful movement was a popular city planning style in the early 1900s that drew inspiration from Central Park. This planning style incorporates tree-lined roads, large buildings, and winding roadways to create a park-type atmosphere throughout the community. This, combined with the Mediterranean architecture, provides the city with its world-famous sophisticated style.


As a community, Coral Gables strives to celebrate quality of life in everyday experiences. There is culture throughout the city, from the museums, galleries, theaters, to the gardens, historic sites, and fine dining. Art is a staple and is obvious from the architecture to the community events. Gallery night is a monthly event, and art cinema and live theater are regulars on the community calendar. Coral Gables is home to the famous Books & Books bookstore and several world-class restaurants.

The city has its own school system from primary to high school and is home to the University of Miami. It has many public offerings, including a library, public arts program, and trolley service. The Neighborhood Renaissance Program works to provide quality settings for the residents to live, play, and work. The program works to improve current neighborhoods by upgrading buildings, repairing roads, and beautification. Having this program in place helps preserve the community atmosphere while keeping it up to date and accessible to all residents. This program as well as other public programs and features are available on their city website.


Coral Gables is a destination for those looking for employment, parks, and cultural activities. The majority of the population both lives and works within the community. Since Coral Gables is primarily made up of international businesses as well as local businesses and is in close proximity to the airport, port, and downtown Miami, most of the community is not influenced by seasonal changes like other destinations like Miami Beach are. The location makes Coral Gables the perfect place for shopping since it has such high end and international influences. The Miracle Mile in the center of downtown as well as The Village at Merrick Park provide shopping for any high-end retail need.

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