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Coconut Grove

The Miami neighborhood of Coconut Grove was founded in 1873 and is now one of the city’s most vital and vibrant districts, known for its leafy residential areas and sidewalk cafes. Coconut Grove is a destination and tropical oasis, the perfect place to escape stress in the middle of Miami. Located along the water of Biscayne Bay, “The Grove” as it’s known by locals, is a quaint place to relax, find inspiration, and enjoy the tranquil ocean views in the center of Miami.


Coconut Grove has been a neighborhood along the waters of Biscayne Bay since before Miami was an established city. As a waterfront town, The Grove was an independent community with a rich history from its founding in 1873 to the early 1900s with visitors establishing residences, creating a “Millionaire’s Row,” and the railroad crossing the Miami River. In the 1950s, Coconut Grove began attracting creatives, artists, and musicians because of its location and the Bohemian lifestyle it offered. Throughout time, Coconut Grove has remained unique and has adapted to the changing times, from life before the railroad to high-rise condos and shopping malls. This personality is clear throughout the community from the neighborhoods to the local establishments.

The Community

As a community, Coconut Grove has something for everyone, with a busy community calendar. Events in Coconut Grove range from yoga in the park to seasonal promotions at local establishments. There are free historical tours and plenty of low-cost family friendly options year round. The neighborhood has its own elementary school and a charter high school that focuses on the cultural diversity of the community. Culture and artistic opportunities are bountiful in Coconut Grove from the arts center, the Miami Conservatory of Music, and the local library.

Proud of their uniqueness and relaxed atmosphere, Coconut Grove has an Instagram page that showcases highlights and events in the area. The neighborhood considers themselves a secret treasure of Miami which is clear from their beachy vibe with city amenities. Many locations are family and dog friendly, from the restaurants, cafes, and even dog-centric hot spots like the dog hotel and boutique.

A Destination

Coconut Grove is an inspirational and relaxed location full of creative opportunities. It is a destination for those looking to enjoy Miami beyond the city as well as tourists looking for something authentic and unique. Coconut Grove has many tourist options from pedestrian and cycling maps, trolley and transportation schedules, to an information kiosk, parking map, and shopping directory. The Grove is a great destination for urban tropical living or a beachside vacation.

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